Ferti-Tech has been around for 20+ years and is proudly Australian Owned and Operated. Our liquid fertilisers are all Australian Made with our Head Office/Manufacturing Based in Picton Western Australia.

FTA CSA (Carbon Systems Agronomy) will become the driving force in saving, sustaining and increasing the productive potential of all Australian agriculture.

Ferti-Tech Australia provides solutions to the biggest soil productivity challenges in agriculture and we do make physical, chemical and biological options cheaper and smarter in our carbon systems approach.

We do not blow budgets and we are certainly driving down costs.

Ferti-Tech clients expect to be amongst the better district performers and they also expect to receive an additional profit that a supportive biology and a focus on carbon active soil health can provide when the seasonal conditions favour it.

Let us show you how
simple and straight forward
a totally sustainable
carbon systems soil fertility
can be.