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Carbon Systems Agronomy is a unique farming practice that provides the philosophy, science
and practical steps used to conduct a ‘naturally-better’ Agronomy System on farm.

We manufacture and supply quality Granular Fertilisers, Liquid Inject Fertilisers, Seed Coatings, Granular Fertiliser Coatings,  Liquid Complex Foliars, Humates, Fulvics and animal health products to ensure the most cost-effective farming outcomes.


Agricultural Industries


Faster Acting Fertiliser Success

CSA Programs concentrate on soil chemistry, plant physiology.  We provide a detailed cost effective insight into building Soil Carbon, increasing Water Use Efficiency (WUE), maximise soil fertility, productivity and overcoming any yield limiting factors. 


Optimal Grazing Productivity

The best pastures are built on an informed understanding of soil physical, chemical and
biological principles. We can help you access the right fertilisers for Soil Balancing, unlocking Nutrients, Humus Formation and Beneficial microbial stimulation in the Soil.


Understanding Plant Needs

CSA Horticulture programs are focused on maximised nutritional health but not restricted in providing the most cost-effective, efficient means to clients requirements.  Our program assists you to grow stronger consistent plants, assist to manage pests, diseases and transplant shock.


  • Tree Crops

  • Viticulture

  • Turfs

  • Animal Health


Contact your local agro to ask what other crops we cover

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Current Focus


Using Liquid Inject Fertilisers, Liquid Fertilisers, Granular Fertilisers, Seed Coatings, Liquid Foliars


Isn’t your soil your most Important Asset? Manage Soil Fertility by understanding your soils better through our detailed graph report.


Provide Physical and Chemical support through Soil Amendments that assist in building robust soils to support your plants.   


Seed Coatings that provide a Vigorous Seed Strike to grow better root mass and guaranteed jump start germination.


Liquids that are designed to focus on plant physiology and growth stages to increase yield potential and build biology.


Granular Fertilisers that are blended specifically  to assist in building better balanced soil chemistry and fertility stimulating Soil Biology.


Nutritional Liquids designed to focus on  growth stages to lift yield potential even through difficult conditions.


FTA Ferti Seed Enhancer VAM

The most cost effective and “Smart Start” Seed Coating option. Proven performer in all seed types offering complete nutrition, fast germination, vigorous root and leaf growth

Ferti-Tech Water Soluble RCG Reactive Carbon Granule

High Quality water soluble, humic and fulvic acid carbon granule.  Potent catalyst for beneficial microbial activity, chelates fertiliser for increased effectiveness, promotes a more fertile and oxygen rich soil enviornment.

Most complete cost-effective Crop Nutrition as a Liquid Inject for Fertigation. Increase the soil mineralisation capacity to maximise nutrient uptake in plant growth. Leaves behind residual soil health regeneration support.

The Super Smart Dry Feed Stocklik that , maintains excellent stock condition, turns feed conversion and weight on.  Supports the animals rumen to improve overall health as well as sperm count, pregnancy rates.  Establish newborns rumen heal for life ahead.

Ferti-Tech Phloem Effective Foliars

The Phloem is the all important vascular system that transfers fluid nutrient into the roots, stem, leaves (and grain) for continued growth and development. 

A truly effective Nutritional Foliar must penetrate the Stomata and Waxy Leaf surface layers, transfer across the Mesophyll to the Phloem and travel up and down through the Phloem Sieve Tubes. 

Truly Phloem Effective also means providing the Right Form of Nutrition that does not cause more cellular damage or consume plant energy.

Soil and Tissue Testing

we can advise
exactly what you need to do
to maximise
soil fertility and productivity.

In Field Testing

Ferti-Tech provide
professional support
and in-field testing
to assess exactly what the future
productivity decisions will be.