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Macro and Trace Mineral Foliars:-




Specially Formulated to ensure your Trace Element Applications are not wasted through counter-productive over-dosing of one element, or lacking effect through under-dosing all the required elements.

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Key Trace coverage of Manganese, Copper, Zinc in best proportion with Phosphorous and Sulphur support, Amino Acids and Fulvic Acid Chelates.

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Designed for key Boron support across all broad acre cereals, oilseeds, pasture, orchard, vine and horticultural applications.

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Designed for key micro-element support across all broad acre cereals, oilseeds, pasture, orchard, vine and horticultural applications.

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Plant friendly chelated formula with Phosphorous and Copper. Oxygen free chemical structure giving better penetration and conductivity. Prevent chlorosis, die-back, weak and patchy new growth, promote stem strengthening, root metabolism and protein synthesis.

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Address Manganese deficiencies (Sulphur supported formulation) for improved Chlorophyll production, enzyme synthesis and optimal seed formation. Promote the plants ability to absorb Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Magnesium more effectively.

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Address Magnesium deficiencies (Sulphur supported formulation) to prevent leaf drop and poor carbohydrate formation.  Promotes improved germination, enzyme synthesis and Phosphorous uptake.

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Address Zinc deficiencies (Sulphur supported formulation) and avoid poor fruiting, delayed maturity and lower yields. Promotes early growth, hormone stimulation, better proteins conversion and optimal water use and storage.

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Nitrogen Complex

High Nitrogen complex liquid desoghned for Maximum Hay Making and Pasture Growth without sacrificing essential Trace Element Support and Carbon Chelated Effective Nutrition. Best quality performance even in the cold, wet and low light conditions.

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High analysis and fast acting formulation to address growth deficiencies and poor fruit and grain size. Promotes protein synthesis, stomata function, water use efficiency and essential sugar movement.

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