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Specialty Adjuvants & Treatments :-



Broadacre Liquid Inject, Foliar & Fertigation UAN/Synthetic-N Buffer. BIONik changes the structure and composition of UAN/Synthetic-N to a much more complex and buffered carbon-rich composite that mimics Organic-N and becomes a soil and plant friendly "Naturalized" Nitrogen.

  BIONik Brochure

Ferti-Fulvic 10

High Strength Liquid Fulvic Acid Formulation for use  (at 1%) in Foliar Chart Water or Undiluted Direct Mix with fertiliser and chemicals, seed coatings and seed dressings or pickles. Suitable for Intensive Crops, Hyrdoponics, Horticulture and Targeted High performance Chelating.

  Ferti-Fulvic 10




Powerful Fulvic Acis based DIY Fertiliser adjuvant with NIOSS and all other PH control and foliar chemistry features needed for the most effective spraying results. Rainfast after 1 hour, it is a low cost but highlt effective fertiliser adjuvant.

 Ferti-SprayMate Brochure

 Boom Cleaner



Low Cost and High quality cleaning formulation for spray booms
tanks, hoses, jets and nozzles.

   Ag Clean Brochure