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2Pak Trichoderma

Contains Trichoderma and Bacillus Inoculum which are a proven defence against root disease pathogens like Rhizoctonia. Promote an active and beneficial microbial population for a healthier root system.

2Pak Trichoderma Brochure

Ferti-Tech Rhizonoc 

Concentrated water-soluble cultures of Rhizobium bacteria designed for farmers to apply to legume seed at sowing. It should be applied to seed prior to sowing or applied in furrow during sowing.

 Ferti-Tech Rhizonic Brochure


Ferti-Tech Vam

VAM Fungi grow as minute filaments (hyphae) attaching and penetrating the roots of most plants. They improve plant water use efficiency, nutrient absorption from the soil solution, plant establishment and growth, soil aggregation, NOT FOR BRASSICAS

 Ferti-Tech VAM Brochure