Ferti-Tech Australia



​High Quality Potassium Source. POTASSIUM (K) 18.0%, K-CARBONATE/K-CITRATE FERTIGATION SOLUTION. Very Strong Flowering, Fruiting, Pollination Focus. K-Train Complexed Potassium is an essential component in the development of over 40 Fertility based Enzymes.



Broadacre Liquid Inject, Foliar & Fertigation UAN/Synthetic-N Buffer. BIONik changes the structure and composition of UAN/Synthetic-N to a much more complex and buffered carbon-rich composite that mimics Organic N and becomes a soil and plant friendly "Naturalized" Nitrogen.



Chelated high analysis nutritional input for all types of liquid fertiliser injection, fertigation and pasture foliar systems. Provides Strong P for better root/shoot formation. Designed for growth, energy, respiration & resistance to pests & disease.



Zinc and Manganese to Fix Poor Germination and Growth. Strong Copper levels Improves disease resistance Quickly. Deliver the Key Cropping Trace Elements directly to the 'grow zone' at yield-producing levels. Entirely compatible with MAP/DAP/SOA/Urea/SOP for all types of BroadAcre applications. Trace Job Done!




The most complete and cost-effective Bio-Active Liquid Calcium Soil and Foliar Drench for improved soil fertility and plant response. Buffer Extreme pH, Salt-Affected and Sodic soil profiles. Build a naturally potent and beneficial microbiome for root systems and leaf surface area as well.



Most complete and cost-effective Soil and Foliar Strategic Nutritional Drench for improved soil-microbial and plant-microbial response. Use to Buffer Extreme pH, Salt Affected and Sodic soil profiles; while creating a naturally potent and beneficial microbiome for root systems and leaf.