Ferti-Tech Australia

Biologic Foliars and Stimulants Range:-


seagrass based fertiliser


Kelp concentrates, Digested Fish, Complex Carbohydrates, Fulvic and Humic Acids, Natural Growth Hormones, Amino's, Plant Sugar Stimulators, Proteins, Macro and Trace Elements and more! The complete and cost effective package for balanced growth, excellent health, flowering, fruiting, disease resistance, vitality and yield.

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kelp fertiliser


Quality Concentrate that has been specifically processed to ensure all Protein Alginates remain. Kelp feeds a vast array of highly available nutrition and trace elements direct to plants. Stimulates a far more vigorous root growth with humus forming exudates for improved plant nutrition and better soil health.

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fulvic liquid fertiliser

Ferti-Fulvic 10

High Strength Liquid Fulvic Acid Formulation for use (at 1%) in Foliar Cart Water or Undiluted Direct Mix with fertiliser and chemicals, seed coatings and seed dressings or pickles. Suitable for intensive Crops, Hydroponics, Horticulture and Targeted High performance Chelating.

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 Fish liquid fertiliser  


Liquid Fish Fertiliser (Phosphorous supported formulation) produced at low temperature to preserve all essential digestion enzymes and nutrients.

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