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All Life on Earth is Carbon-Based

Carbon is the Pivotal and Indispensible Element of ALL Living
 Processes Carbon is a Common Denominator for all the Functions
 of Agriculture to Work
Carbon Systems Agronomy is the Holistic and Outcomes-Driven Study
of Various Soil Chemistry and Plant Physiology Connections

Carbon Connects it All

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Ferti-Tech provide professional support and in-field testing to assess exactly what the future productivity decisions will be.

We can also provide you with in-field training to empower your own decision-making and cropping decisions.


Understanding soil chemistry, plant physiology and the best ways to maximise yield is not difficult because FTA can always help.


Over several seasons we have worked with farmers who now have an excellent grip on improving soil fertility and increased productivity. 


We keep it simple, focused and very practical. We always explain ourselves and your vision for the farm is what we can achieve – together


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