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 < Always good to see the  
    Welcome Sign!!

                Good Establishment >
                in P Lock up Soils


 Jim at Kaniva Victoria (SA Border / Telpoea Downs Side) Cropping Perfectly - every step from soil amendment through to strategic foliar - with tissue tests and Nitrate Meter used as well! Jim is nailing it.


 Can this Guy grow Hay or What!  Not even half way into the season, cold, wet and growing like crazy


 Sand Hills Reclaimed!!
You can just see the Bald Patch at the top.  Never grew anything for years, this is how fast it has come back in one season with the Ferti-Tech Cropping Program

    Spectacular Root Systems - had to take a picture or no one would believe it

 Black Hill Starting off All right


 Ferti-Tech Peas going really well

Pick the crop - yes we do linseed really well
Durum underway

MACE North of Adelaide - 9-10 high 5 wide on main and 4 wide on T1
and T2, 5.8 Tonne to the hectare, 2 x Spectrum Z.14 - all part of the program
When it harvests 3.7 tonnes to
the hectare - you take a picture
6 tonne with scout - after 5wks under water - near Edenhope
Better pastures, fatter lambs and eventually the market gets a good
look at the quality - invited to put a banner up - so we did
Looking after the beans big time